Charged Twice ( Building Fault )

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Charged Twice ( Building Fault )

Post by Guest » 02.08.2012, 14:17

I have a 4000m Cattle Breeding in green, I went to make 125,000 Pigs and brought 4.000.000 units of corn, I brought it made the production with the administration building, It did not work, I went again and brought another 4.000.000 units of corn and tried it again the proper way,

So I hope you can fix it, And have my money Returned for costs if you would'nt mind.

This also Happened twice with my Butchers 9010m2 in Red, With 2 x of 125,000 Pork!

Also with 500,000 Candy just the once!

Please Sort this out, I am in urgent need of the money back and acsess so i can complete my daily routine of my Production.
I have to be somewhere.

Catering Industries ( R2 )

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