Leather Labels Changed to Leather Gloves Label??

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Leather Labels Changed to Leather Gloves Label??

Post by Guest » 05.06.2012, 12:37

I cancelled what I thought was research into Leather Gloves because I thought I must have accidentally selected the wrong product for research as I thought I had selected Leather. I then noticed that I now have 12154 Leather Gloves Q21 in my warehouse when I previously had 12154 Leather Q21 and further noticed that I am now supposedly producing 38400 Leather Gloves 21 in one of my textile factories instead of what used to read 38400 Leather Q21. How has this happened?? I can only assume that somehow in your latest upgrade which seems to have changed the column widths on the layout of the Research screen that there has been some sort of mix up with the labels for "Leather" and "Leather Gloves". I hope that you can fix my problem soon!! I am using Google Chrome internet browser and my Company Name is Feline Enterprises. Thanks, Polyglot

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Re: Leather Labels Changed to Leather Gloves Label??

Post by pearlbay » 05.06.2012, 13:27

That does make sense, yes, especially since NYK already reported the same issue. :)

I'll pass that on, we're still working on the fixes after today's move!

Please excuse the inconvenience!

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