Basic conditions for the forum signature

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Basic conditions for the forum signature

Post by Zbombe » 20.01.2007, 11:09

The maximum number of the signs for the signature was lifted something since it was hardly possible to accommodate in the signature left, display (windows + trade-platform) has already exploded the framework.

Due to excessive signature lengths in the past, we have been forced to impose some restrictions.

A signature must not exceed four(4) lines.

- A banner/picture counts as one(1) line.
- A blank line counts as one(1) line.
- Maximum number of banner(s)/picture(s) are 2.
- Maximum height of all banners/pictures together is 150 pixels.
- Maximum width of all banners/pictures together is 700 pixels.
- Maximum file size of all banners/pictures together is 50 kB. (This is so dial-up users are not adversely affected. Not everyone is a broadband user.)
- Don't add links or banners to your signature that advertise something beside Kapilands!
- Add your company name to your signature/board profile.

Signatures that break these rules can get deleted.

Members of the Kapi-team are allowed to exceed the 4 line limit, as they may need to add support information or links.

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Post by GoldenEye » 26.10.2008, 16:38

Please keep these rules in mind and act accordingly!
Thank you! :D
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