What's new in Kapilands?

Here you can see all important changes or improvements.

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What's new in Kapilands?

Post by GoldenEye » 03.11.2009, 06:48

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Some of you may have already noticed it, but I thought announcing it would make it a bit more official. ;)

  • There is now a technical limit for the price of NPC-products (water, power, stones, seeds Q0, steel Q0). You cannot sell those NPC-products above NPC-price anymore. Thus we try to reduce the amount of players that use the unfair method of selling above NPC-price.
    [This was a user-suggestion, a little bit adapted by the programmers.]
  • Also the use of the comma and dots has now been adapted. Now it is also on the market in the correct use (comma for a better reading, dots as a decimal dot). :)
    [This was a user-suggestion.]
  • The help-menu has been improved.
    The product listing in the left hand menu has been changed and corrected, and all products are now listed with an applicable image.
  • The KapiTimes-icon for R2 will from now on blink when there is a new issue of the newspaper.
  • Researches of a higher quality than Q127 can also be carried out in the production buildings (maximum: Q255).
    [This was a reaction to requests of several players.]
  • The number of characters that can be saved in the notepad has been increased from 700 to 5000 characters maximum.
  • NPC amounts have been increased from 100 million to 1 billion units.
    [This was a user-suggestion.]
  • some bug-fixes
  • Contest with hidden amounts:
    Since now you can see the amounts that were sent in directly after the end of the contest (with hidden amounts). You do not have to check the "drop down"-menu anymore and you do not have to wait anymore until the next contest is started. It's more comfortable now.
Please notice that this list is not complete and that some minor changes might have not been put in here. Thanks!
New changes will follow. :)

Enjoy Kapilands!

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