Threads in foreign languages

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Threads in foreign languages

Post by Tycoon » 27.02.2007, 12:28

Due to the fact that there are several people opening up new threads in foreign languages, I want to point out again the following:

Board's language is English. No other language will be allowed here. The moderators are asked to remove everything in other languages without further comments!

This is the English game of Kapiland; which leads to an English forum. The forum is supposed to be a platform for all the users here; disregarding their nationality, religion... and also language. The owners of the page emphasize on bringing lots of nationalities together in this game and also in the forum of the game.

Furthermore any board, private or not, has to fullfill certain legal requirements. Owners and administration have to observe the sticking to the respective laws. Foreign languages will make this impossible.

We therefore want you to stick to these rules:
Threads are allowed only in English. There may be single foreign sentences, if they also have the correspondent English translation for this.

Users ignoring this rule or other rules will get an official warning; threads will be deleted without any further comment.

And please keep in mind: receiving a number of such warnings may lead to the deletion of your forum's account as well as your in game account!