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Board rules

Post by Zbombe » 03.03.2008, 15:56


Here you find the actual board rules: (Last edit: 03.03.2008)

1 - Users are asked to write new topics in the designated sections of the forum, please read the forum description to know which section suits best for your thread. Users who constantly keep posting in the wrong section will receive a forum warning, the moderator team can move or even remove a thread.

2 - Please keep in mind that this board is for a wide audience. The posting of pornographic, racist, or otherwise inappropriate content (text, images, links, ...) is strictly forbidden.

3 - Show respect for other users, insulting, flaming or otherwise foul language towards other users is not tolerated and can lead to a ban.

4 - Insults towards the staff will not be tolerated and will immediately result in a forum ban.

5 - We ask our users to respect the copyright of others, do not use, or link to, copyrighted material without permission.
Do not post, or ask about information regarding, 'warez', cracks, etc.

6 - The Kapilands forum is not a public market. Offering products or services in exchange for money is not allowed. Linking to websites (for personal gain) is also not allowed.

7 - The posting of advertisement or recruiting links to other (online) games is not allowed.

8 - Please write in a way that reflects normal written language. This means no excessive use of smilies, question marks (???????) or exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!!!!). Please do not yell (writing in capital letters, example: "WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?") or unnecessary use of colors.

9 - Please try to give an accurate description in your topic title, bad examples are "help", "what's this" and "account", good examples are "No coins received, yet", "problem with logging in" and "selling >amount< oil ".

10 - Spam (advertisements and meaningless posts) is not allowed. This also means messages that don't contribute to the topic, messages containing less the five words or messages containing nothing but smilies.
Post hunting (posting with the sole purpose of getting a higher post count) is also spam. If someone makes himself guilty of spamming, do not post a reaction as that can be seen as spam as well, instead use the 'PM' button to report such a violation to a moderator, who will look at the reported post and take action if necessary.
Also make sure that you use the trade-section for trading... and not for discussion! Avoid discussions in the trade sections, simply use the "PM"-function.
Every player is allowed to have got one forum account. Several accounts per player are not allowed.

11 - Double posting is not allowed, if you want to add something to your post use the 'edit' button instead. The exception to this is an unanswered question, you are allowed to "bump" that thread, but don't overdo it, 1 time a day is more than enough. If you forgot to mention something in your post and editing is not possible, you can ask a moderator.

12 - In-game bans, forum bans and forum warnings are not to be discussed on the board. The user can contact the member of the Kapilands staff through the means provided (forum PM, e-mail, etc.)

13 - Posting for a banned user is not allowed, the poster can receive a warning. Instead the blocked user can e-mail the board admin.

14 - These rules also apply to the PM system, any abuse of the PM system can also lead to a warning.

15 - The posting of personal data about others is not allowed, this includes real names, e-mail addresses, home addresses, IP-addresses, etc.
Posting e-mails or PM's without the sender's permission is also not allowed.

16 - Inciting to break the board rules, game rules, or T&C (Terms & Conditions) is not allowed.

17 - Some sub forums have their own rules, please read them before posting there, they can be found in the "sticky's".

18 - Please don't use pictures or other things in the forum, which can make problems with the copyright, intellectual property rights or trademark protection.
This is also valid for company names that include copyrighted phrases or even copy real existing companies!

19 - The board team can change these rules when judged necessary.
Violations of these rules can lead to an ingame-ban as well.


The maximum number of the signs for the signature was lifted something since it was hardly possible to accommodate in the signature left, display (windows + trade-platform) has already exploded the framework.

Due to excessive signature lengths in the past, we have been forced to impose some restrictions.

A signature must not exceed four(4) lines.

- A banner/picture counts as one(1) line.
- A Blank line counts as one(1) line.
- Maximum number of banner(s)/picture(s) are 2.
- Maximum height of all banners/pictures together is 150 pixels.
- Maximum file size of all banners/pictures together is 50 kB. (This is so dial-up users are not adversely affected. Not everyone is a Broadband user.)
- Don't add links or banners to your signature that advertise something beside Kapilands!
- Add your company name to your signature.

Signatures that break these rules will be deleted.

Members of the Kapi-team are allowed to exceed the 4 line limit, as they may need to add support information or links.


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