US Buisness Unite

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US Buisness Unite

Post by Guest » 15.12.2008, 00:13

Everyone from the United States of America can join, noob or 10 year top stat players,
we will discuss all matters in the kapilands community and real life...anything really!


Post by Guest » 15.12.2008, 05:30

honestly, I am from China

but can i join anyway??


Post by Guest » 15.12.2008, 11:35

well, i wanted to have this mainly for US players, not to discriminate others...but just for a base of a union


Post by Guest » 16.12.2008, 21:51

c'mon... we need some members
voting for chairman, vice, and repransentative are on friday and saturday
so join now and get a spot to lead

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Post by GoldenEye » 17.12.2008, 08:57

Well... I am not sure if we really need this in this game. ;)
Isn't it more interesting to find trade partners from all over the world?
Why shouldn't Europeans trade with South Americans? Or US-guys with people from Asia? Or Africans with someone from the North Pole?
This would be a little bit friendlier than restricting to those "countries" (I know that the Euroean Union is not a real country... ;) ).

So please... be open for the world!
And thus this is closed as we simply do not need this and as this might lead to deeper conflicts.
Please show respect and interest for other nations and try not to segregate each other. :)

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