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Post by Guest » 24.06.2008, 20:06

Visit http://arkypaa.org/yabb/YaBB.pl for details

Our Power Producers Association is now Online!
If you produce any amount of power and want to be able to sell it for a stable and fair price join our Association today!

All members vote on everything from what our Weekly Market price should be, to how much the Division Chiefs should make! Have a say in how your power market is ran!

Join our forum today and as one of our first members you can help define the future of power in realm one.

Note to those who are against this:
While our membership is open to all power producing companies, you must sell your power you wish to be on the market through our Association.

If your intentions are to join our forum only to criticize and sabotage our Association you will be promptly banned. All member companies must sell power to their Association Division Chief in order to have voting privileges.

Sorry this has to be here, but some are sure to join just because they are against it, and think that they cannot accomplish their own goals without sabotaging ours.
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Post by Guest » 25.06.2008, 00:57

yes this is awsome :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:


Post by Guest » 30.06.2008, 07:16

Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump


Post by Guest » 03.08.2008, 17:23

count me in


Post by Guest » 03.08.2008, 18:22

right now we are making a new forum and we are temperately out of service :cry:


Citizens Electric

Post by Guest » 28.10.2008, 15:29

Citizens Electric Company is joining. I just registered on the internal forum

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