APCE Production's Constant Buy List!

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APCE Production's Constant Buy List!

Post by Guest » 23.01.2010, 16:56

This is my constant buy list, including ways i make it easier for you to supply me (more explained later).

Image TVs, All Qualities, 2100+50q

Image TVs 2200+50q for daily suppliers (or large quantities, IGM first)

Image Power .24

Image Chemicals, IGM me first and we can work out a deal, any quality and quantity accepted!

Glass any quality 35+5q, daily contracts q20+ 50+7q. IGM me for daily contracts

Image Ecomps, any quality, 100+10q. Daily contracts (IGM first) 120+10q

Image Oil, IGM me for more detailed prices, but you can send any quality 90+q

Image Plastic, 150+2q, any quality, daily contracts with 250k+ plastic above q20 200+2q.

All contracts (that i have money for, less than a few billion) will be signed within a day. I am very active on my realm 1 account.

Now, to more plans.

I want to gain suppliers, and I am basically willing to run through loops to get a supplier, so these are my plans to get suppliers.

Plastic Sharing Plan

Heres how this plan works,
1.) You send me Chemicals, Power, and Oil at a predetermined rate
2.) I use my factories and high quality plastic RC to turn your materials into plastic
3.) I send you the plastic back at a predetermined (fair) market rate.
4.) You send me 1 TV per 5 plastic i send you the next day (week, 2 days, whatever we determine)

I can produce up to 1.6 million plastic per day this way, this will allow me to make a small profit on the plastic, but the caveat is if you take part in this program, i will expect you to send me at least 1 TV per 5 plastic i send you per day. Of course, if you would rather just be a chemicals and oil supplier, that would be ok with me too.

I can do the same program with glass, but obviously this would require different materials.

I understand that plastic and glass are the hardest parts of this business, and i am here to help.

Thanks for reading and sending contracts,
APCE Production

More will probably be added at a later date.

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