GTU Tables, Gold, Ect. Updated Oct-21-2011

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GTU Tables, Gold, Ect. Updated Oct-21-2011

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Hello! and Welcome to the GTU Production and Sales Facility!
v----v----v----What We Offer----v----v----v

Great Products, at a Great Price, with a wide variety of items to choose from!

v----v----v----What We Sell----v----v----v
Products will be sent after each completed cycle.
R1 GTU is currently operating in: 5x24 Hour Cycles

Tables Q*14 830
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send me all the oil


**No current products in mass production**

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German Trade Unltd Special Report NEWS! jan 18 2010

Post by Guest » 14.09.2008, 12:08

When asked what they are up to now, founder/owner of German Trade Unltd's Founder Stated: We have completed all expansion, except for those lazy newbs working on one of my factories im paying 6 thousand caps each to, we have a nice steady flow of products coming off the line."

He has also announced that German Trade Unltd will be constructing patented "SnappinGTUgether" buildings as a trademark of their way of opening their new 2010 lines.

GTU Founder also stated "SnappinGTUgether is a trademark of GTU!" i hope i don't get in trouble for posting it in this newsletter!
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Easy Production.

Post by Guest » 25.12.2009, 06:22

We have Stream-lined Productions and are now effectively Producing,

you can check out what I'm currently producing and selling, feel free to contact me to purchase items listed in My Showcase

(Disclosure: German Trade Unltd holds the right to refuse service to telemarketers) Lol :lol:

New spokes person for GTU: Image

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