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closed until new construction

Post by Guest » 28.03.2008, 22:37

to become the kapigod i need a lot of stuff for the special buildings.

so i need the following stuff in q0 only !

nursing home:

Toothpaste, Detergents, Shampoo, Lotions, Televisions

cmb is also member of TIB-FT.

Together Is Better - Fair Trade ( )

a trade-organisation for small and big companies.
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Post by Guest » 29.03.2008, 06:55


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Post by Guest » 06.06.2008, 13:21

excuse me for my bad english,
i begin to produce wardrobes, i can supply for low quantities at the begining.

are you ok?

if you want to sell me some building at low price for producting more quantity, i'm ok!


Post by Guest » 13.12.2008, 14:32

i make power...just throwing it out there if you want me to send you some daily (right now i can make 1.5 mil- 2 mil a should improve greatly over time)


Post by Guest » 01.03.2009, 21:04

and new stuff needed :)