Auction rules

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Auction rules

Post by Guest » 20.01.2007, 12:28

Auction rules - the following declarations are compulsory:
[Rules edited and supplemented by Tycoon on 02.03.07]
  • 1. deleted due to practicability...
  • 2. Deadline
    The deadline has to be clearly declared in the post and also in the title. The only accepted format is [yyyy-mm-dd|hh:mm].
    (yyyy= year, mm= month, dd= day, hh-hour, mm= minute) Write this at the beginning of the title, then write your offer in the title-line. Auctions with other title-formats will get closed.
    If the deadline is set for e.g. on 2007-01-01|12:00, the last accepted bid is on 11:59. Because 12:00 is at least a second to late.
    Attention: Timezone Servertime (see the forum-clock in the top left corner or your ingame-profile)
  • 3. Ware
    The name of the product has also to be declared in the title and in the post.
  • 4. Quality
    The quality of the product has to be mentioned, too.
  • 5. Number of units
    The number of units has to be fixed. There may be auctions with an amount e.g 5000+. Then the seller has to send at least 5000 units, but the bidder can choose if he wants to take more than 5000.
  • 6. Delivery and payment
    The delivery date should be fixed, if not, the goods have to be delivered at least 12 hours after the end of the auction. The contract has also to be signed 12 hours after it has been sent. If there is no time or money for signing the contract, this has to be negotiated with the seller.
  • 7. Starting bid (optional)
    A starting bid is optional but important if you don