BUY: Corn, Cotton[Q0 1.100¢], Silver [200¢ + 2¢*Q]

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BUY: Corn, Cotton[Q0 1.100¢], Silver [200¢ + 2¢*Q]

Post by Guest » 23.06.2014, 19:09

Magicabe shopping list, updated 16. January 2015
Chances on RED

All contracts under one billion you can send directly. Contract over one billion caps contact beforehand.

Plantation products:
Cotton Q0 170¢
Corn Q0 17¢
Corn Q30+ => 8+0,33¢*Q
Corn Q46+ => 8¢ +0.5¢*Q [exp. Q50 8+(50*0,5)=33¢]
Sugar cane Q0 130¢
Wood 74¢ +0.5¢*Q
Cocoa Q0 50¢
Seeds Q70+ => 0.15¢*Q

Cattle Breeding products:
Wool Q0 50¢
Cattle 600¢ + 30¢*Q [example Q20 600+(30*20)=1200¢]

Mine products:
Gold 250¢ + 2¢*Q [on hold]
Silver 200¢ + 2¢*Q
Diamonds 10¢*Q (max 100.000 diamonds)
Stones Q0 7¢

Factory products:
Gas 0.80¢*Q
Plastic Q0 350¢
Steel 131¢ +2¢*Q
Glass Q35+ 450¢ +10*Q (max 100.000 glass)

Textile Factory products:
Leather On Hold
Textiles Q0 1.100¢ any other 900¢
Jeans Q0 4.500¢
Pullovers Q0 2.000¢

Power 0.24¢ (max 5bil power)

Water 0.24¢ (max 5bil water)

Ask price for stuff without price. IGM: Magicabe
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Re: Magicabe buys...Power, Steel, Stones, High Q Iron Ore, C

Post by Guest » 03.07.2014, 18:14

New requests...taking bigger amounts


Re: Magicabe buys...Corn 10¢+0.1Q, Power, Steel, Stones

Post by Guest » 10.07.2014, 20:19

Up wit new offers


Re: Magicabe buys WOOD Q2-15Q 200¢ Corn 10¢+0.1Q, Cotton 325

Post by Guest » 13.07.2014, 20:43

Up with more products and updated prices. Best cotton price!


Re: Buys Corn Q10 16.5¢+0.3Q, Chemicals 50¢, Cotton 301¢,Oil

Post by Guest » 07.08.2014, 02:02

New Corn prices, updated amounts


Re: Buys Corn Q10 16.5¢+0.3Q, Chemicals 50¢, Cotton 301¢,Oil

Post by Guest » 19.08.2014, 21:37

New products, bigger amounts acceptied


Re: Buys Corn Q33 29.4¢+0.3Q, Chemicals 50¢, Cotton 325¢,Oil

Post by Guest » 27.08.2014, 10:35

High quality corn supply deals acceptied


Re: Buys Wool, Gold 250+Q2,Corn Q50+, Cotton 300¢

Post by Guest » 07.09.2014, 22:52

Wool during contest


Re: Buys Wool, Gold 250+Q2,Corn Q50+ supply deals

Post by Guest » 08.09.2014, 15:12

Supply deals for oil, gold, silver, corn, steel and wood. IGM Magicabe for details


Re: Buys Gold 250+Q2, Corn Q48+ supply deals availeble

Post by Guest » 28.09.2014, 07:34

Looking for long term supply deals, send IGM for details.


Re: Buys Gold, Corn, Cotton 325¢ supply deals available

Post by Guest » 18.11.2014, 06:22

Updated product list and prices


Re: BUY: Cattle, Leather, Gold, Corn, Cotton 325¢

Post by Guest » 21.12.2014, 19:48

Leather added, new cattle price

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