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Post by Guest » 27.11.2012, 13:52

here is the deal :

1) I don't care for quality

2 )If your price is not ridiculously inflated, it will be accepted without fuse. (tips : buy what you can on the market, sell it at +15% benefit)

3) send me the exact quantity for each component of a batch. contract will be signed when I have all 4 of them.

4) first to provide win the deal

batch 1
30,500 Breads, Flour, Sugar and Pork

batch 2
28,000 Pears, Potatoes, Biscuits and Apple juice

batch 3
33,500 Sausages, Minced meat, Bananas and Lemons

batch 4
52,000 Lemons, Water, Pears and Strawberries
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Re: my SPECIAL BUILDING wish list

Post by Guest » 02.12.2012, 11:21

Since, a good provider (or a mere provider, for this matter) is hard to find, I am building the factories needed for all the special buildings.

you still have some days to make easy money.

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